• Question: were your lectures in Spanish?

    Asked by xniamhmariex to Billy on 12 Mar 2015.
    • Photo: Billy Hicks

      Billy Hicks answered on 12 Mar 2015:

      Hi xniamhmariex
      When I was in Spain I was working with a PhD student to research different materials that could be used to remove certain compounds from waste water through a process known as adsorption. Water flows through a bed of material we wanted to test and as it does the compound we wanted to remove attach to the adsorbent. We then tested how much of the compound was left in the water at the end so see how well it worked.
      So while I was there I didn’t have any lectures and all the people I was working with spoke English. I tried to learn Spanish but I’m not very good at languages! By the end I could have some basic conversations. It was a fantastic experience and if you ever get the chance to do an exchange I would definitely recommend it as it was so much fun and so interesting to see a different culture.