• Question: was the spine grss

    Asked by CharlotteA to Naomi on 11 Mar 2015.
    • Photo: Naomi Green

      Naomi Green answered on 11 Mar 2015:

      Hi Charlotte

      Did you mean is the spine gross? I don’t mind working with blood and animal tissues etc. It doesn’t bother me that much. I know many people wouldn’t be able to do what I do and cut spines up, but I find it really interesting to be able to do it and see for myself what the spine looks like and how it works rather than reading books and watching videos. Also when we do these experiments with animal tissues we usually buy the body parts we want from a local butcher so it is fresh and not diseased in any way. We also have to wear a lot of protective equipment like lab coats, safety glasses and latex gloves. When we have finished working we have to clean everything very carefully with disinfectant. So I know I am safe :).