• Question: if you were to make a bone implant with metal and apply it, wouldn't you need to keep checking it up?

    Asked by 652heab48 to Urvashi on 7 Mar 2015.
    • Photo: Urvashi Danookdharree

      Urvashi Danookdharree answered on 7 Mar 2015:

      There are different kind of implants ranging from a small screw to a complete bone part. Depending on the location of the specific implants follow-ups are necessary especially at the beginning as most complications are prone to happen mostly not too long after the implant. However, in case of symptoms related to complications, the patient need to seek medical help at any time. Also, with new development in this field, metal implants can be made in such a way that materials similar to bone can be made to form on the surface of the metal as such mimicking the bone and making it difficult for the body to reject the implant.

      I hope this helps. Further questions are more welcomed.