• Question: Do you sing in your spare time casually, or have you had training for it (you said you sang in the Proms which is very cool)?

    Asked by superbluejay to Naomi on 10 Mar 2015.
    • Photo: Naomi Green

      Naomi Green answered on 10 Mar 2015:

      I had always sung in school choirs , then one day the music teacher realised I had a good voice and told me to have singing lessons. So between 16 and 18 I had singing lessons and got my Grade 8 singing exam. I now sing in my spare time in two choirs. One is the City of Birmingham Choir and we sing big choral works with orchestras at amazing venues, like the Albert Hall in the Proms and next month we are touring in Paris and singing in Notre Dame. SO Excited!!!! Then me and my friends formed a little choir called Enchant and we perform more pop/jazz type music for people’s weddings and events and sometimes put on our own concerts. We get paid to do that but it is usually only enough to cover our costs and a pub lunch after as we don’t get invited to the wedding receptions! Do you sing or play an instrument?